Causeway Bay is one the most crowded places in Hong Kong, boasting at least 5 different large scale shopping malls, many love to come here for the best deals in town. Take your time shopping and rest your feet at these cafes:


18 Grams 
Right behind Sogo, enjoy a cup of coffee here by a quiet alley. Many working class stop by after lunch to get their caffeine fix!

Shop C, G/F, Hoi To Court, 15 Cannon Street, Causeway Bay


Cafe R&C 
Famous for their beautiful Latte Art, Cafe R&C provides food that is also up to standard in a comfy environment. The coffee is great and so is the tea. Enjoy a drink here just a stone throw away from Times Square.

G/F, 22-24 Haven Street, Causeway Bay


Artista Perfetto
Looking for some innovative and creative new coffee blends and drinks? Come to Artista Perfetto to try their drinks and tell us what you think!

Shop 2, No. 3A Sharp Street West, Causeway Bay


Goodday Cafe
Want a place to rest after walking around Hong Kong? Come here for their delicious afternoon tea set. Great food and ambience, order some of their coffee or specialty drinks.

G/F, 12 Haven Street, Causeway Bay


San Ka La
The name meaning “in the middle of nowhere”, their coffee brew and craft beer is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on. Their food is also a very different kind of fusion, a great blend of east and west.

G/F, The Vela Hong Kong Causeway Bay, 84-86 Morrison Hill Road, Causeway Bay

Enjoy your stay in Causeway Bay with its great convenience and large selection of bistros and restaurants. Stay here with BlackDoors to get the best out of your experience.