With Art Month (March) coming up, we once again turn our heads to the biggest art events every year. Millions will flock to Hong Kong to participate in these art fairs and local galleries will all dig out their greatest art works in hopes of catching the attention of the art collectors who will be a part of the event. So here’s the question: What makes Hong Kong such a great place for Art exhibitions like Art Basel or Art Central?

Hong Kong is in fact, one of the third-largest art hubs after London and New York. Making it into the art scene soon after the handover, Hong Kong has established this recognition and place in the art world due to low taxes, the good geographical location and great infrastructures.

What prompted Art Basel to choose Hong Kong as one of its three prime locations to exhibit in? 

Art Basel was first held in Hong Kong 6 years ago back in 2013, boasting over 60,000 visitors within a short span of 5 days. Taking place in the Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Centre, Art Basel banded over 245 galleries from all over the world, bridging the art world from East to West.

With the rise of Chinese collectors keen on taking in more artworks from rising stars of the Asia-Pac region and Western countries alike, Art Basel has become one of the best stops for art shopping since it launched in Hong Kong.

How Hong Kong’s colonial era gifted it with one of the best infrastructures in the world:

Well-established and orderly transport systems have been a gift from the colonial government to Hong Kong, allowing it to be the first choice for many buyers and art dealers alike when it comes to transporting fragile or large art pieces to and from the city. Various airlines and available, carrier and freights can be used when planned ahead. Not to mention that there is professional yet affordable man power here in Hong Kong (in comparison to countries in Europe or the USA) that allows galleries to save up on bringing their entire moving team over. (Hong Kong boasts over 210,000 practitioners engaged in the creative field, such as fashion, painting, architecture, and music production, etc. ) All of these factors give Hong Kong the edge to become one of the best cities to choose for art dealership.

Besides Art Basel, we have Art Central and the Hong Kong International Film Festival held annually in Hong Kong. Being the centre of Asia, Hong Kong provides the perfect location for the East to meet West. Hong Kong is still one of the world’s biggest content exporter for television and films, and will remain one of the hubs for buying and selling Chinese mainland films and TV dramas for years to come.