Causeway Bay is always full of people, ranging from tourists, working class to locals who live in the area. The key to actually getting to know the real side of Causeway Bay is to avoid going to all the shopping malls and instead take sharp turn down the rabbit hole to see the authentic side of Hong Kong.

Here’s a timetable we have compiled that enables you to “do in Hong Kong like the Hong Kongers do”.

9:30 Breakfast at Tsui Wah
This ain’t no Tiffany’s but Tsui Wah is almost the staple of Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng foods, with a slightly more comfortable seating. Break your fast on some scrambled eggs and macaroni while sipping on some local favourite milk teas. This is the strong kind of milk tea that has a very distinctive character!

10:30 Visit the Tin Hau Temple or Noonday Gun
Hong Kong has a long history unknown to many travellers, the Tin Hau Temple is over a century old and is still used to worship the Tin Hau Goddess. Visit the temple to catch a glimpse of what it’s like to be a fisherman praying to the Goddess for safety. You can also choose to walk out to the Noonday Gun which is a cannon that was left along the shore line long after it retired from its duty from shooting away pirates. It still fires every day at Noon!

12:00 Lunch time at a local eatery
We have a list of local eateries you can try out in Causeway Bay, and all of them are very budget-friendly! Grab some cart noodles and pick you favourite toppings to go with a nice noodle in broth. Or you could go for a nice stir-fried noodles with tofu strips as well, the choice is entirely yours!

13:30 Up Up and Away to Bookstores
With sky-high rent, almost all ground floor shops are chain stores or extremely expensive brands. The key to avoid helping them pay their rent is to go upstairs, head for bookstores on the 2nd or 3rd floor (even the 4th occasionally but that’s up to you) for some digging. You can also visit nail parlours and get your nails done in upstairs where they are guaranteed to be cheaper!

15:30 Snack on an Egg Waffle and get some coffee!
Causeway Bay boasts a number of artisanal coffee shops which you should check out here! Also you can get a taste of some egg waffles at a street vendor or get some fish balls if savoury is what you desire.

17:30 Take a stroll around Victoria Park
Victoria Park should be brimming with school kids at this time of the day. Take a stroll around the park and head towards Tai Hang.

18:00 Arrive in time and style for Happy Hour
Here our pick for Happy Hours in Tai Hang. Enjoy the peace and quiet of Tai Hang while sipping on some good cocktails and munching some tidbits.

22:00 Head for a Movie after Dinner
Head back to Times Square and head up to UA Cine Times for a movie with some popcorn. The design of this Cinema hallway has won the 2016 German Design Award!

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